Watridge Doxies
Dachshund puppies in Tennesse, smooth hair, long hair and wire hair dachshunds. dapple, piebald  and english cream dachsunds
We have several upcoming litter

1. Mabel and Tanner expecting May 17, 2018
Expecting long , smooth and wire coats. Possible colors are cream, black and cream, red, black and tan. Patterns expected is dapple and solid.
Tanner ee cream dapple long hair
Mabel, soft wire (cream sired) black and tan
Faith and Smokey expecting June 23 , 2018 Expecting long, smooth and wire hair coats. Colors expected chocolate and tan, red, black and tan, blue and tan, isabella and tan. Patterns expected dapple, piebald, solids.
Faith, chocolate and tan smooth dapple showing for piebald
Smokey, black and tan wire showing for piebald
Dolly and Tanner expecting an all long hair litter June 27, 2018 Expecting red, black and tan and blue and tan. Patterns expected is dapple and solid.
Dolly, isabella and tan long Hair
Tannner, English cream dapple long hair
Paisley (red dapple lh) and Scooby (chocolate and tan sh) due July 22 will be long hair and smooth hair. Expecting chocolate and tan, dilute, black and tan, red. Dapples, piebalds and solids